Monday, 24 December 2012

List of Christmas Eve movies

I like to blog lots of lists around Christmas and New Year. Realising that we've been going to the cinema on Christmas Eve for a few years now, we sat down this afternoon to work out how many years and how many movies. It's only been nine years, feels like longer, but a fine and growing tradition nonetheless.

The rules are simple, the movie choice has to work for the whole family, and has to be either a proper Christmas film or a blockbuster. Here is the list:

2003 - Elf, Manchester, Odeon
2004 - Polar express, Crawley, Cineworld
2005 - Lion witch and wardrobe, East Grinstead Picturehouse
2006 - Grounded, Crawley, Cineworld
2007 - Mr Magoriums wonder emporium, East Grinstead, Picturehouse
2008 - Inkheart, East Grinstead, Pcturehouse
2009 - Nativity, Crawley, Cineworld
2010 - Gulliver's travels,East Grinstead, Scott Cinemas
2011 - Sherlock Holmes, Kidderminster, Reel Cinema
2012 - Hobbit, East Grinstead, Scott Cinemas

The winner so far, the first and best, Elf! Some happy memories with growing children along the way too.

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