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Falling With Style Book of the Year 2009

So here it is, after much deliberation, I'm about to open the golden envelope of destiny & change some author's life forever.....Well no, actually, I'm going to try & distill my reading list for last year into some firm recommendations.
As I said recently, my recommendations are entirely subjective. A book gets on the list if it has moved me, stirred me, changed my life pattern in some way. When you remember that I cried my way through High School Musical then you will realise the herculean task I have before me to filter books out on these criteria! Here goes....

Top 5 Fiction

1/ Rebels & Traitors
What a magnificent achievement. Lindsay Davis writes 700+ pages on the English Civil War. What's more, she weaves in a grand narrative, a story which spans the years either side of this horrific conflict. The changes in a nation, the shock of regicide, the sheer brutality of life in the 17th century are brightened by a 'will they won't they' romance which…

Booklist from 2009

I've been asked to make some recommendations from my reading last year - rather subjective really, it's all a matter of taste after all.
Anyhow, here is my list from 2009 in the order in which I read them. A great range of stirring, provocative writing through to some absolute tat. Unfortunately, I had to read them all, counting it something of a betrayal to give up on a book once started. For that of course (& most of my other hang up's) I blame my mother.

1/ The Early Christians - Eberhard
2/ The Eagle & Prey - Scarrow (Roman historo/novel)
3/ The Eagle & Wolf - Scarrow
4/ Fasting - Jentezen
5/ Fire & sword - Scarrow (Napoleon/Wellington series)
6/ Generals - Scarrow
7/ Making Life Work - Hybels
8/ The Appeal - Grisham
9/ The Ultimate Treasure Hunt - Dedmon
10/ The Prodigal God - Keller
11/ Eagle Hunt - Scarrow
12/ Building a Contageous Church - Mittleberg/Strobel
13/ The Last Kingdom - Cornwell(Viking historo/novel series)
14/ The Reason for God - Keller
15/ The Bone G…