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Apostolic foundations and the nations part 3

This is the third video blog of the summer, attempting to outline some of the vision and values that underpin how we are working into the nations from our local church base in East Grinstead.

For those of us brought up in church on the genuinely inspiring missionary stories of the past, it's hard to imagine a different way of operating. However, this global generation requires new thinking on missions that will be effective into the 21st century. The rapidly changing, ever more connected planet offers new opportunities for mission that are rooted in the strategies of the original church planting Apostles.

This third video emphasises a focus on development over aid, and gives some scenarios where this shft is beginning to make a difference. Your comments and feedback are welcome, and if you want to know more about how we are working or get involved, please contact me.

Apostolic Foundations and the nations part 2

This is the second short video of the summer, designed to give you a taste of some of the vision and values that are shaping our developing work into the nations from our local church base. If you want a recap, part one can be found in the July archive of this blog.

So many of the old missionary models which have been unquestioned for generations, are being challenged in this new global, fast moving 21st century. We are discovering that we need new thinking about how to engage with the world and establish simple, effective new testament partnerships. Such partnerships are effectively the same new testament foundations that the first Apostles laid in the early church, albeit, reimagined for our generation.

This clip looks at some of the downsides to the old missionary model, and describes the thinking behind the kind of apostolic partnerships that we are now actively engaged in.

Let us know what you think, comments always welcome!

5 Cultural Observations from the Olympics!

1/ High Five whenever you can.
I’ve been trying to contextualize this for those of us who are not Olympians. Maybe when you’ve successfully sent an email, put the bins out in the nick of time - just spread the love and success by high fiving a friend or colleague.

Even if you’ve lost the point it seems a high five remains appropriate. In moments of extreme tension such as set point, or perhaps dealing with a difficult customer at work, a full chest slam or group hug is now de rigueur. Good to see too that the reassuring bottom pat has made an unexpected return. Reassuring yes, office!

2/ London is a truly great international city.
With the rise of fast expanding mega cities in the east and the global south, big European cities will no longer be able to compete on size alone over the next 25 years. London has proved that size isn’t everything. The public transport was good, the doomsday reports of gridlock were wrong, the signs and stewarding were excellent. In fact hap…