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The power of 'Re'. Re:Member

We are getting better at putting new people through courses to help them join the local church. However, numbers of our existing members, some of whom may have been running faithfully for many years, may not feel quite so connected as the newcomers who are being added into them?
They may not any longer make such a strong connection between their serving, their worship, their gifts, their life in the home or the workplace, and the big mission that we are called on together?

It may just be possible that over time, the vision has become less sharply focussed for them:  No longer acting as a directional force behind their actions, or strong pull into a future in God that they long to inhabit.

It's quite possible this is the case, because we recognise the symptoms in our own lives. Honestly? We don't live every minute of every day in the vision zone, pumped, primed and totally clear on our goals and direction!
The truth is, we forget. We get tired and weary, we drift off course, we a…

Top Three Reads of the Summer

It's part of the job description perhaps to be asked what I have been reading, or even to recommend something. This is always highly subjective, and previous blog posts have made suggestions on key titles in certain topic areas or the best big books you should invest in.

However, after a summer absence from the blog, here are my top three reads from this August. You may love them or hate them!

In traditional reverse order:

3/ A Delecate Truth - John le Carre
No one weaves a spy yarn like le Carre. Even without the more familiar back drop of the cold war, this modern, suspenseful tale walks the line between big business, politics and espionage. It's a proper thriller, with an ending to leave you shouting out loud,  that I was pleased to read, retro style, in paperback!é/dp/0241965187/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1409585585&sr=8-1

2/ Saving Eutychus - Gary Millar and Phil Campbell
This practical book is written with the in…