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Under new Shepherds : Knowing the true voice

Over the last few days I've been chatting through the implications of Jesus' famous words in John 10 with a number of people and small groups. We've been exploring together what impact these statements about his Good Shepherding have for those of us who are walking through a church leadership transition.

God Himself is the supreme Shepherd of his people - That's one of the primary ways that he reveals himself through the Old Testament. But his plan has always been to entrust some of the weight of his leadership to under Shepherds, to enable them to express something of his heart and his care. So, from Moses, through Joshua, the Judges, Samuel, the great King David, God's people were Shepherded. There were more bad Shepherds than good - These, the Prophets denounced, even as they longed for the one true Shepherd who would come and lead God's people.

In Jesus the Messiah, the Good Shepherd arrived. At the same time, He is both the Lamb and the Shepherd. The one wh…

Trust, transition and knowing the Shepherd.

We are in a unique time in the local church right now. A Pastor who has led faithfully for over a quarter of a century is handing over the leadership of the church and the team, to me - a man who is new on the scene and new to the town.
During the transition period of the last few months, I've become increasingly impressed by the way in which this faithful Pastor is known and understood by good people, some of whom have walked with him for a long time. There is an ease and simplicity about life when we are known and we know. A rhythm of unspoken understanding in our words and listening, no need to analyse motives when we already know the heart from which the voice speaks.

This security is vital for the ongoing health of any local church. The absence of it is noticeable by contrast, particularly in a community where intimate relationship has formed. On a number of occasions in the last couple of months, I've had conversations with people I don't yet know well and assumed th…