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The church that doesn't 'do' evangelism....

The church that doesn't do evangelism - what does it look like? The short answer is probably - small & dying.However, that's not what I'm talking about here. This isn't another new year message to try harder at doing the stuff we feel guilty about not doing enough.

I've been looking at our own community here & allowing myself to wonder if there is another way, a simple, instinctive way of following Christ that doesn't involve any kind of 'doing' performance or targets.

The first step involves our lifting the lid on the prevailing culture in some of our churches. Out with the crowbars, out with the old school thinking of Pastors/experts/extroverts performing evangelistic work for the rest of the church, vicariously, on our behalf. Here there is no expectation of someone else helping a new believer to follow Christ, no sense that I have anything to offer in that process. No confidence or maturity in me which enables me to play my part.

The kind of c…

Book of the Year 2010

Here is my traditional offering (well I did it last year!)An opportunity to celebrate the best reading from all that was on offer during 2010.

There are no prizes, no awards ceremonies, no authors will be dining out on the prestige of gaining my approval. It is an exercise entirely dependent on personal taste & preference - these are the books which I have liked & preferred the most! You may disagree strongly, or you may not even care to read any further.

I shall open the golden envelope & read in reverse order -

5/ Abba's Child - Brennan Manning
This is not a new book, nor is it a new message, but no other book has moved me in this way during the year. Manning always writes with a freedom, best seen in his classic 'Ragamuffin Gospel. The legacy of Abba's Child is an ongoing, deepening intimacy with God & an aching hunger for more of his amazing grace in our lives.

4/ The Confession - John Grisham
Everyone needs to read a Grisham story from time to time. He is a…