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You know when you've been Tozered!

There has been a lot of exciting stuff coming out of Canada over the last week with the Winter Olympics getting underway. However, you'll be hard pressed to find something more stirring than these paragraphs from A W Tozer, surely Canada's finest writer of the last generation. Tozer was churning out gold medal books when John Arnott & the Toronto Airport Vineyard church were still in short trousers!

This week I picked up Tozer's classic 'Whatever Happened to Worship?' to supplement our own 21st Century Worshippers series. He still sounds such a fresh note in our generation & saves us from the self obsessesd deceit that we were the first to discover these timeless truths.

'It is true that a great number of us think that worship is something that we do when we go to church. We call it God's house. We have dedicated it to Him, so we continue with the confused idea that it must be the only place where we can worship Him. We come to the Lord's house ma…