Friday, 28 August 2009

Books I've read

People seem to have an interest in what I read. I'm hesitant to publish my reading because most of what I say is other peoples thoughts. You may discover all my secrets!

I set a goal in Jan 2009 to read a book a week this year, ranging from study to top ten novels. I'm up to around 50 so far. The list on the blog brings you up to speed on what I've read on our summer hols.

I'll keep adding to it, & for those who are interested, make some recommendations.

I have to say, for summer reading, I really enjoyed the Twilight & New Moon novels by Stephanie Meyer. I know I'm not a teenage girl (never have been) but they seem to speak for the whole post modern pick & mix generation. A real culture lesson. At the heart of it, these books are good old fashioned romance, albeit with a few vampires & werewolves thrown in. Don't knock it till you've tried it though, & the strong redemptive themes make them a great launch pad for communicating real truth with post moderns.

Apart from that, my top 3 were probably -
1/ Reformation, Dairmaid MacCulloch (an 800 page rattle through reformation history from a warmly secular standpoint)
2/ Worship Matters, Bob Kauflin (surprised myself by really enjoying it. Lots of this will come out in my preaching!)
3/ Child 44, Tom Rob Smith (a crime novel, shoe horned into an historical & ethical review of the bleakest days of Stalin's Soviet Union)

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