Apostolic Foundations and the nations part 2

This is the second short video of the summer, designed to give you a taste of some of the vision and values that are shaping our developing work into the nations from our local church base. If you want a recap, part one can be found in the July archive of this blog.

So many of the old missionary models which have been unquestioned for generations, are being challenged in this new global, fast moving 21st century. We are discovering that we need new thinking about how to engage with the world and establish simple, effective new testament partnerships. Such partnerships are effectively the same new testament foundations that the first Apostles laid in the early church, albeit, reimagined for our generation.

This clip looks at some of the downsides to the old missionary model, and describes the thinking behind the kind of apostolic partnerships that we are now actively engaged in.

Let us know what you think, comments always welcome!


  1. Robust apostolic foundations indeed Steve. We hold a high view of the local church and elders to whom we offer the hand of koinonia friendship, apostolic truths and prophetic encouragements and the opportunity to be part of a worldwide family on mission together. A particular passion of mine is to see new entrepreneurial business models emerge that would release leaders and elders to all that God has called them for, while providing sustainable employment for the local church.


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