Prayer is...... (Part 1)

I’ve been reading the introductory notes in the latest edition of the magnificent prayer guide, ‘Operation World’ this week. Normally, I dive straight into the information sections on the nations and their stats in order to feed our praying, but the notes by Jason Mandryk are well worth reproducing for some additional stimulation in our prayer week.
It’s so good, I will simply use Mandryk’s own headings below, and some of his quotes in places.

Prayer is :
1/An act of faith:
Prayer is light years away from the normal management or administration of our lives. When we pray we are recognising that we cannot operate in our own strength. We realise that we are asking for impossible things from an invisible God – this requires a genuine act of faith. F B Meyer said, ‘You do not test the resources of God until you attempt the impossible.’

2/ An act of obedience:
The Apostle Paul instructs the early believers to ‘pray without ceasing.’ The Psalmist prophesied, ‘Ask of me and I will give the nations as your inheritance.’ The clear invitation of the scriptures is for us to be active, frequent and attentive prayers. Primarily, prayer is motivated by obedience as much as by our need in any given situation.

3/ An act of worship:
Our prayer meeting last night was characterised by an extended session of praise. This IS prayer. In offering praise and worship we are recognising again who God is, reminded of our own inadequacy, flooded with confidence in His desire and ability to act in our world. We begin to place the King back on his throne and realign ourselves with His purpose and plan for our lives.
The old Prophet Isaiah, goes further, strengthening the connection between worship, prayer and mission. Jesus quotes Isaiah when He declares :’My house will be a house of prayer for the nations.’ In other words, the house of God, the place where God is worshipped and adored at the centre, is also the very place where petitions are made on a grand scale. This all flows naturally out of praise and worship!

Part 2 tomorrow.


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