Discipleship tunes about change

Over the past few weeks of our discipleship training, the songs I've tweeted about change have produced as much comment as the content of the course! 

So, for those who are asking, here are the six songs that I've used, all of them in some way expressing a yearning for change or transformation. Some are more bitter sweet, even sad and broken, but all are stretching towards a new way. They are not scripture songs, but this perhaps makes their longing all the more powerful, coming from voices who don't yet know the ultimate metamorphosis that comes to those who receive the good news about Jesus.

Week 1/ Keane - Everybody's Changing.

Week 2/ Augustines - This Ain't Me

Week 3/ Aretha Franklin - Change Gonna Come

Week 4/ David Gray - Transformation

Week 5/ Man in the Mirror - Joyful Noise

Week 6 / Tourist Ft. Lianne La Havas - Patterns


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