Top Three Reads of the Summer

It's part of the job description perhaps to be asked what I have been reading, or even to recommend something. This is always highly subjective, and previous blog posts have made suggestions on key titles in certain topic areas or the best big books you should invest in.

However, after a summer absence from the blog, here are my top three reads from this August. You may love them or hate them!

In traditional reverse order:

3/ A Delecate Truth - John le Carre
No one weaves a spy yarn like le Carre. Even without the more familiar back drop of the cold war, this modern, suspenseful tale walks the line between big business, politics and espionage. It's a proper thriller, with an ending to leave you shouting out loud,  that I was pleased to read, retro style, in paperback!é/dp/0241965187/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1409585585&sr=8-1

2/ Saving Eutychus - Gary Millar and Phil Campbell
This practical book is written with the intention of helping preachers to teach God's word AND keep people awake and engaged at the same time. It was surprisingly simple, very practical, and full of the kind of helpful examples and analysis that make you re-assess your own style and delivery. One of the better books I've read on the practise of preaching in a while.

1/ The Bible in 100 Pages - Phil Moore
This excellent little book, based on a sermon series preached recently at Everyday Church, does exactly what it sets out to do. In literally 100 pages, Phil takes us through the big story of the bible, managing to give the scope and breadth of this grand narrative and demonstrate how it all holds together. Many books do this well, but to do so in such a concise way, and to engage the reader and provoke pastoral application - this is impressive! I read it, and it is now working it's way through my teenage children one at a time!
It's really cheap on the Kindle, under £3, but I bought the paperback knowing we would pass it around.

Honourable mentions go to Tom Wright's helpful 'Acts for Everyone', and also the grittily honest 'All is grace', the last word from Brennan Manning. But for this summer, Phil Moore's Bible in 100 Pages gets the award!


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