Animation map of the spread of the gospel.

As someone who loves church history, missiology, geography and maps, this short animation about the spread of Christianity across the planet ticks all my boxes!

There are obviously some approximations and generalisations that will frustrate the detail pedants. Questions too over the spread eastward and of course the recognition that much of what we call Christianity today may be miles wide but only inches deep. For sure, no serious missiologist or church planter is looking at the final map of Europe and thinking that we've got the job done!

However, as a general overview, this is a hugely encouraging and stirring map which will help people in praying for the continued spread and growth of the gospel across planet earth. The speed and spread into the global south since the Pentecostal revival of 100 years ago should be a stimulus to all of us as we continue to pray and work for breakthrough into the 10/40 window and secular Europe. So also should the rise and fall of regimes and rules which threatened Christianity so strongly at the time, and yet now are wiped from the map.

The good people at and their researchers have done an excellent job. Thanks for encouraging us with this animation. Enjoy!


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