Discipleship questions for a new year

I've been preparing some questions for students at our training Academy to reflect upon at the start of 2018. In doing so, I've realised that these questions are perhaps ones which could be wisely considered by any disciple in any context, not just those embarking upon deliberate training.

So, here are the questions. Maybe you want to add one or two of your own? Happy new year!

1/ What is my Bible reading plan for 2018?  More than just an intentional plan, how will I meet with Jesus through his word and worship him on a daily basis?
2/ What specific step will I take in the new year to love my family and friends better?  What intentional plans can I make which invest in my key relationships and prevent them from drifting
3/ Which non-believer(s) will I focus my prayers and evangelistic efforts in 2018? Who are they? What does it look like in private prayer, and in friendship with them.
4/ In whom will I invest my life as a disciplemaker this next year? Are there some you need to get alongside, are there 1-2 people God is putting on your heart to help them grow?
5/ What sin will I fight the hardest to overcome in the new year?  Are there any deliberate actions, prayers or accountability that may help me? Any roots of unforgiveness outstanding in my heart?
6/ What will be my giving and saving goals for 2018? What action will I take to release kingdom finances?
7/ When will I fast regularly this year? Write up a plan, use patterns in your church diary or personal obedience goals (ie certain days of the week to fast and pray)
8/ How will I pray for and participate in church planting in 2018? Are there people I can pray for, churches I can support, trips I can make, teams I can join?
9/ What books will I finally read next year? How do I get reading into my schedule? Are there changes I make to bedtimes, social media use, TV, commutes etc.
10 /Am I committed to follow Jesus through 2018 – regardless of the sacrifice or cost? Wherever he calls me, whatever he calls me into, however challenging my circumstances may become?


  1. Wow I find encouragement, in the fact that I can give a clear yes and a smart goal specific measureable acheiveable realistic target to a few of the questions. When you Prayed over me that I would lead someone to. Christ before the end of 2017 I did that, and it made me hungry to do it again in 2018. I set up a saveing plan last year. Some questions I find very challengeing ie. Trips God wants me to make, way out of my comfort zone. Though my recent trip to Canada was a complete not step but leap of faith. I now have Bible apps with reading plans but not signed up to one last year I was challenged by God tl write a tract, this last year was filled with God encounters He's changed that to a book, so thanks so much for sharing. Watch this space. God Bless nxb


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