What makes a man? Part 2

Since putting up my 'useful things I can do' list, many of you have commented to me how useful I would be in your life - thanks for the encouragement. But you'd still call the Action Man with the eagle eye function (not the Sailor with the beard & no grip) rather than me in a crisis!

In the big story of mans beginnings we are given a glimpse of real man made in God's image. Here we catch something of our purpose which has become buried under the twin opposing forces of manbags & moisturising or chest thumping muscle headed neanderthalism. (You can tick your own box here!)

The first man, Adam, is given the incredible assignment to rule & subdue, to fill & multiply. He's given land, he has to tame animals, make his own tools - no wonder boys young & old get bored sitting at desks all day. We were made for adventure! Here is the whole earth; Explore it, cultivate it, care for it - go find the equator, build some cities, invent some stuff!

At this point in the story, only Eden is on the map. Everything else that google earth has made so small, is still actually wild & uncharted. No oceans crossed or mountains climbed.

My friend Neil is slowly but surely getting the boat in his garage ready to sail around Britain with his boys.
Fella's - this is what we were made for! Get out this weekend, get dirty, climb a tree, build a camp, come home with sore muscles & begin to rediscover your calling on planet earth to live with the kind of risk that crosses barriers. You'll look the same to everyone else next week when you sit back at your desk, but you can feel the grazes under your suit trousers & smile to yourself!

Part 3 coming soon.


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