What makes a man?

This week I cleared out my garage & discovered a workbench & a vice. This equipment is what every man should have & I am now the proud, masculine owner of a workshop.

However, I have no idea what to do with it. I have realised that all the things which make us feel like real men have become hidden away in this manner. As we pull the wraps from them we feel a deep stirring to manliness within us, but can't quite work out what we're supposed to do next.

There are so many voices in this generation which have rightly released women, whilst we men have sat back & forgotten how to live ourselves. We've either become over feminised & distant from our roots as men, or we observe the other macho extreme.

'What makes a man?' is the question in my mind as I try to turn my rusty vice. I think the answer may lie somewhere buried in the idea of man made in the image of God. I'll return to that in the next post. In the meantime, I've selected a list of useful things I can & can't do as a modern man to get the ball rolling.

Useful things I can do
1/ Be nice to people
2/ Make/change a bed
3/ Dig a small hole
4/ Write sermons
5/ Sing tenor
6/ Read a map
7/ Drive a car
Hmmmm, not really up there in the Bear Grylls stakes.

How about, useful things I can't do
1/ Chop down trees to make a shelter or for firewood
2/ Ride a horse, train a dog, tend a herd of animals
3/ Grow or produce my own food
4/ Handle a boat without panicking the others on board
5/ Bowl a good consistent line & length
6/ Load, shoot, clean a gun / or bow & arrow / or use either of them / or a spear, net, catapult to obtain food.
7/ defend myself with my bare hands.

Feel free to add to the list.


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