Flags, Olympic Chaos & other doomsday scenarios!

Let's hope the North  Korean's geography isn't as bad as ours. I would like to point out that if they are planning to fire their shiny communist era missiles our way, it was Scotland that snubbed you, not London!

If the chattering liberal doomsday media hadn't made such a fuss about the wrong flag on the PowerPoint then no one would have known - in the words of Scooby Doo : We might have just got away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids. 
This was a women's football match between well supported Columbia and North Korea, traditional footballing powerhouses. It was being played two days before the London Olympics officially begin, in the capital city of a neighbouring country! There was no one in the stadium other than the few hundred school children they could give tickets way to, no one was watching on the red button on BBC3 and nobody has a tv set in North Korea, other than Kim Jung Ill Junior,  the new Dear Leader who has a big room where he has gathered all the tv sets and Betamax video players in the land where he watches re runs of Jim'll Fix It for 23 hours a day.

There is probably a serious point somewhere in all of this. We don't teach geography like we used to. My son spent two years working towards his GCSE by counting and sorting pebbles which they had collected on a beach field trip. The only way we could teach our children to learn the names of capital cities and recognise flags was to link it into bonus questions when the weekly pocket money was handed out. There was never any danger of them learning the difference between the circle of South Korea and the star of North Korea at school.

Having said all that, it was a great comedy moment in what should be a fantastic school sports day of an Olympics. I'm fully expecting the Daily Mail scaremongers to be right when we find that the 100m is run in 8.6 seconds because the track was inaccurately measured with an old school trundle wheel. Or perhaps the plugs don't fit in the diving pool and the water has to be topped up with a hose in between competitors? Maybe it will be the chaos caused by the National Anthem regulation committee who have reduced all anthems to a standard 37 seconds, meaning that countries like Uruguay don't even get to draw breath and sing the first line!

So here's to Scotland, and their fine school PowerPoint flag presentation which has got us off to the best possible start. Are these guys still available for the opening ceremony?


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