Prayer of faith for the gift days

A number of you have been asking about the prayer that I read out at the second of our gift days at New Life in East Grinstead yesterday. For those who want to read it, use it, or share it - here it is.

Lord we remember the stories of how you have provided for your people. How your children in the wilderness saw you give them food for 40 years and shoes and clothes which never wore out. We remember Elisha and the widows pots of oil,  she kept pouring as you kept giving. We recall Ezekial and the army you called out of dry bones. We remember the Acts community giving generously, living with devotion to Christ and one another, having no poor among them. You've called  us to shine with your glory in the same way to our generation, You're going to bless us so that all the ends of the earth will be blessed

We're going to keep trusting and walking forward. You will put in our hands what we need every step of the way. Every time we pour out, you are going to give us what we need.

Teach us to trust you. Break us out of comfort and ease, teach us radical trust and faith. You're going to put it in our hands

We face the curve of financial predictions like a mountain. We are walking into the promise trusting you, you will either move the mountain or give us provision and strength to scale it.

We trust you like Elijah waiting for the abundance of rain, like Abraham waiting for a son. We don't see it yet, we don't see a way it can happen in the natural. Our resources are finite, we're giving sacrificially already,  but you have promised and we believe you.

Like the boy with his lunch we offer it all up to you and you multiply it. Here comes the promise, you are coming through for us, your glory is going to be seen and heard. You are going to astonish people with your provision. 

 You are going to wake up the town with your exploits. Your going to bless the ends of the earth. You have promised greater glory, that you are building a house of glory here that will surpass what previous generations have seen.

 We trust you for it today though we don't yet see it. We gird ourselves, we receive faith and encouragement. We are not going to allow fear, disappointment or anxiety into our spirits. We refuse to worry about the naughts, we remind ourselves that naughts mean nothing to you. We lift our heads to you and stir ourselves to believe an impossible promise.

You are our good shepherd, surely leading us to safety, to green pastures, to a secure place, to victory over every enemy. You will not lead us astray or let us down, you are committed to working out your purposes amongst us your people. Your a good father who promises to provide. You are not going to abandon us like orphans who go without.

We're not going to flinch or turn around, we're going to press on and see what you do. We're hanging onto you and your promise, we've got nothing else, no other way,  we're going into this fire whether you lead us out or not, were not turning back now, not giving in, where else would we go, you have the words of eternal life!

Come upon us again this morning as we pray and worship, liberate us to give with joy, release a confidence in you and your plan that sits deep in our foundations. A confidence that you build on in the weeks and months ahead as we walk into all that you have prepared for us. 


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