The Life & Adventures of David Turner - Age 39.5 - Chapter 3 - Unsaved Dave's Big Day Out

It’s 10.15am, Sunday morning. They’re in the car & Dave is not heading for the golf course. Mel can’t quite believe he is going through with it, but she has to admit she is kind of intrigued too. Abi is happier, now that they have looked at the videos on the website together & seen two of the girls from her netball team in the middle of all the other church teenagers. In fact, she’s been texting them ever since that breakfast conversation yesterday & they have agreed to meet her at the entrance & take care of her.

When Dave comes after work on a Tuesday to pick Abi up it’s all pretty simple – in & out – but now, as he approaches down the road he can see car park stewards before he even gets near the building.

They get waved into a space down the side by a big guy in a bright yellow jacket with a smile to match, then follow the signs back to the entrance… goes!

Although they knew it was church & not netball, Dave & Mel were quite unprepared for this. It wasn’t like any kind of church they’d ever seen before & they were struck down by first day at school nerves. Where do we go, who are we going to talk to, there are so many people who all seem to know each other, what are we doing here anyway? The unspoken thoughts made every step towards the doors slow & heavy. Dave remarked aloud to try & break the tension, ‘Golf is starting to look very attractive’.

It’s probably fair to say that if Abi’s two netball friends hadn’t come over at that moment & whisked her off, Dave would have turned around & made for the safety of the car. It was dawning on them both that this was just too big a step.

But Abi was inside now, & she seemed happy. No turning back, be a man, get through the doors. So Dave took Mel’s hand & walked through into another smile, but thankfully no awkward questions, no pressure. Just a ‘nice to see you, welcome, make yourselves at home.’


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