The Life & Adventures of David Turner - Age 39.5 - Chapter 9 - The Prayer That Changed Everything

As soon as Dave put his hand down he began to feel stupid, berating himself for getting drawn into a crazy emotional experience. Maybe he could blame it on tiredness or some of the pressure at work at the moment?

The problem was, the preacher had seen his hand. Smiling broadly, he had just said, ‘Thank you’ – that word again. ‘We’re going to finish with a simple song but please come to speak with me if you put your hand up, I’ve got some help for you.’

With the music starting up, Ian caught Dave’s eye. Dave noticed that Ian’s eyes were wet too. ‘Do you want me to come with you mate?’ Ian asked. He had seen too – there was no way out!

Down at the front, the preacher introduced himself & explained the prayer that he had just prayed. He showed Dave a written down copy & asked if he wanted to pray it again together. ‘Sure’ Dave mumbled, his heart thumping again.

This time the preacher & Dave prayed a simple prayer with Dave repeating the words that the preacher said. ‘Thank you Jesus for forgiving me….’ Dave didn’t think that he’d been a bad guy, not in the overall scheme of things. The incident at the Harvest Festival apart, there hadn’t been many times in life where he’d felt bad about himself. Besides, there are always worse behaved people you can compare yourself to if you’re having a bad day & come out smelling of roses.

In this pregnant pause, into these thoughts came the rushing realisation that this God who was thumping on the door of his heart wanted everything clean before he came in. Then the tears came again.


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