The Life & Adventures of David Turner - Age 39.5 - Chapters 10-11

Chapter 10 – Tea, biscuits & a man hug.

Minutes later, nose blown, eyes red, Dave finds himself in the foyer at the Integration point. Melinda has been reunited with Abi & they are talking excitedly. Ian & Sam are on their way over with a tray of tea & biscuits.

Jenny & Graham complete the circle, & Jenny holds out the guest slip which Melinda had completed earlier. The same lady who had handed out the pen takes it from her & introduces herself properly. She gives Melinda a booklet which tells her all about the church & some of the key things that are going on. Another friendly conversation begins.

Ian & Graham have agreed that they will meet up with Dave this coming Wednesday for an hour or so, & Ian gives Dave a book also. ‘This will help to explain some of the things that you’ve prayed today. We’ll talk about it some more on Wednesday.’ Another warm smile.

Before Dave knows what is happening, Ian grabs him by the shoulder & pulls him into a hug. Dave stands stiff, still, startled – Unsure what to do as Ian speaks in his ear about how thrilled he is to have prayed with Dave today.

Dave hasn’t hugged anyone since his Grandad died when he was still a boy. It feels so abnormal, yet he senses the ache in his heart again & hears himself saying those same words back at Ian, ‘Thank you, thank you.’

Walking back to the car with his girls, Dave can’t quite believe that so much could have changed in one morning. Taking Melinda by the hand once more, he knows that even though it seems so unreal, something very real has started – he can’t stop himself whispering, ‘Thank you.’

Chapter 11 – Dave Gets Wet

It was perfect summer golf weather when Dave & his family had first walked into Jubilee. Now on a dark, wet November morning, Dave walked in again, this time early to reserve a row of seats for his sister’s family & three of his golf buddies.

Three months of meeting with Ian & Graham & the group that met in Ian’s home - Now Dave found himself, a grown man, standing fully clothed in waist deep water.

Dave knew by now that there was so much still to learn, but he knew enough to understand that he was going to follow Jesus with everything he’d got.

Since that first heart pumping encounter, Dave had seen change after change in so many areas of his life. More importantly, Melinda & Abi had noticed it too. Most of all, for the first time he could remember, Dave knew he was loved, knew all his old guilt was gone, & he was beginning to know who he was saying ‘thank you’ to.

‘Thank you Ian & Sam for inviting us to dinner. Thank you Ian for being real at work when I asked you that first time what you did with your Sundays. Thank you Jesus for everything you are doing.’ Dave spoke bravely into the mic before Ian & Graham leaned him back, down under the water & up again.

Unsaved Dave emerged, wet, smiling, chest pumping, & looking for a new name.


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